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by Linda Robinson

Writing was not in my plans. Notice I said MY plans. I’m long past my prime. I can only imagine the joy and fulfillment I’ve missed by not avidly seeking God’s plan for my life long ago. I’ve been a Christian since I was fourteen, and I’ve always thanked and praised Him for all His blessings. But, until a few years ago, I hadn’t put much emphasis on asking God what He wanted me to do for Him.

I’ve dearly loved to read since first grade. I’ve always written long detailed letters and emails to friends, penned a few poems, and scribbled sporadically in journals. But I never once dreamed of writing books. I spent years saying God didn’t give me any special talents, that I could do many things okay-but nothing outstanding. An introvert prone to stage fright, I never spoke at an event of any kind. I was perfectly happy sitting in my usual pew at church enjoying the talents and efforts of others.

Four years ago, after hearing the umpteenth sermon about how God gives each of us at least one talent, I began to pray and ask Him to reveal a special one He had given me. The first thing I felt Him leading me to do was sing in the choir. Never! When all my “I can’t, because…” excuses failed to bring me peace, I obeyed. With God’s help, I eventually mastered the stage fright. I can’t describe the blessings I received-not only from singing praises to Him, but from knowing I was obeying His will for me.

But then came the BIG test…when I knew God was leading me to write a story that honored Him. I couldn’t, didn’t want to, and I wouldn’t! Except…I had promised Him I would continue to obey His will for me. I struggled with the decision, said it was a waste of time because it would never get published, and worried that others would criticize my writing. Again, peace eluded me. I had to write the manuscript, but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I had to rely on God-his Word for daily encouragement, and many answered prayers for strength and ability.

Imagine my surprise when the manuscript was accepted for publication! There were several major obstacles along the journey of writing, re-writing, editing, and publishing-not the least of which were a house flood and my husband’s sudden heart surgery.

The end result was not only rewarding-it was life-changing. Because of my obedience to God, He blessed me with a passion for writing. I live to write stories that honor and glorify Him, both fiction and non-fiction. This month, two years after the release of When Love Abounds, my second novel, Rails of Freedom, was released, and I’m currently writing a third manuscript. I serve an awesome God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

What about you? Are you called to write?

Linda Robinson lives in Alabama with her husband and their boss, a Maltese dog she named Joy. In addition to her hobbies of reading, writing, and flower gardening, she and her husband are active members of their church and sing in the choir.

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  1. Linda! How thrilling to know you are in God’s will for your life. I can relate so well to all the experiences you had because…I walked in those shoes before surrendering to Full Time Christian Service and becoming a Pastors wife.
    Turely we are blessed to have God’s peace! May HE continue to inspire you to write lots of Novels.

  2. AWESOME, Linda. I think everyone, except you, knew you could do this and do it with gusto. I’m so proud of you, and so happy for you.I love you my friend.

  3. …”past your prime”?…Fooey! Isn’t it wonderful that God has a different sense of time than we do? Wishing you continued blessings.

  4. Why thank you for that reminder, Tammy. You have quite the talent for writing with a wonderful humorous flair…and a lot more years to prove it! I’m honored to be in Writers’ Forum with you.

  5. Wonderful testimony Linda. We are all blessed to have you and Brice in the chior. I have enjoyed both of your books and am waiting for the next one. Praise God for writers like you.

  6. Oh, your story touched me in the tenderest part in my heart. Several years ago, I almost lost my life from a deadly illness, and was disabled from walking, standing, driving – just about everything except the ability to breath. I felt that God sat me in front of the computer and said “write for my glory.” WHAT?? HOW?? Well, now, I’ve lived through many soap operas, trauma, drama and many a story I could tell….but what could I write about? It all came in tiny baby steps….God put many Christian authors friends and writers in my life on Facebook…and I was attempting to write a novel…but that was filled with distractions, and finally lost accidently. Guess that wasn’t what God meant…yet…I prayed consistently and within time, I began reviewing books…started two blogs, and eventually became a reviewer for The Wordsmith Journal Magazine. At this point in time, I am sensing God is telling me to finally write my stories – the ones where he brought healing and solved problems and about the miracles…he blessed and he blessed. To make a long story short – I can relate to your frustrations and lack of faith in yourself. My age is now 74…and I’m just getting started. With God at the keyboard, I can’t fail! Yes, God is awesome, I couldn’t “live” without him.

    In Christian Joy,
    Barb Shelton

  7. Wonderful piece, Linda! A great reminder that, indeed, we can do all things through Christ who stengthens us. To write for the Lord is an honor, a privilege and a life-changing event — not only for readers but for authors as well. Good job, and thanks!

  8. Linda, I love your writing & I know that you have to have a call from God to write. It’s just too much work, otherwise. I’d never really thought of myself as a writer, but as an established artist. Now I find myself actually saying that I ‘write’, too…and I get some strange looks, but when I explain that I’ve always written,, just never did much with it, folks seem to be OK with that. I’m blessed to be able to do both art & writing & I’ve always given God the praise for the talents. Looking forward to reading your newest work. I”m sure it’ll be as good as the first two. See you at the writers’ forum.

  9. Thank you Sharon. You’re one of my best cheerleaders, and I love singing those “high notes” with you! 🙂

    Barb, that’s an awesome testimony you shared. I once wrote a short fiction story for The Wordsmith Journal Magazine that was published also. Keep writing. I’m looking forward to reading everything you write.

    Bob, we haven’t been FB friends long, but I quickly learned to admire your talent for writing, and I value your opinions. Congrats on the upcoming January 15 release of Mystic Dreams and Dusty Roads. It is an awesome book.

    Helen, not many of us are as multi-talented as you. You’re a great artist, archetect, a romance writer after my own heart, a good friend, and my Writers’ Forum “classmate.” I love you girl.

    Thank all of you for taking the time to write comments here. They are a blessing to me.

  10. Thanks for commenting Sherry Rossman. I saw on Amazon you have a second book (Kindle) out this month. Congrats! Our first “Tater” books released the same month and year, too, I believe.

  11. Linda…it’s so easy to ‘hear’ your joy in your words – and so awesome that you have found your calling! I love that after 38 years of knowing you we have our passion of writing in common 🙂

  12. Linda, I thoroughly enjoyed your first book and am enjoying your second one. You have an amazing talent. Love you and Bruce.

  13. Thank you Cindy Kelley. You’re still my inspiration. I’m waiting patiently (well, okay…impatiently) for the first book of your contracted trilogy!

    Beverly, thank you for your friendship, support, and kind words.

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