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Today, I’m offering my true confessions as a shopaholic (unreformed). You see, shopping is all about feeling like you got a good deal. That’s right! Regardless of what you might believe, shopping does not go hand in hand with spending. At least, not for me. In fact, I only spend when I think I’m getting something of value from the purchase. The same applies when I’m investing in my writing career. I can’t attend every writers conference (nor would I want to). So, as a good shopper, I pick the conferences that will benefit my career the most.  ACFW conference is right at the top of that very short list. Totally worth the money–yes, even for those writers out there who aren’t making any money (and maybe especially for those writers).

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Face-to-face networking. Absolutely nothing can replace the value of having actual (not virtual) conversations with editors, agents and experienced authors. At ACFW conference, they are everywhere!!! It’s like a Hollywood star spotting for Christian writers. You’ll see faces you know around every corner. And you can eat meals with these people. Chat over coffee. Even set up appointments with them.

2. Learning opportunities. There are fabulous workshops on craft, author marketing, and the business of publishing. Something for all levels of writers.

3. An atmosphere of mutual understanding and purpose. As Christians, our main goal in life is to further His kingdom. It’s a pretty cool thing to be in a place where several hundred people are gathered because they love to tell stories and because they love Jesus Christ. Conference is a place to worship, recommit your writing to God, and make lasting friendships with great people.

So, if you’re sitting on the fence about ACFW conference, keep thinking it over. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Take it from a shopper, it’s a good value. Hope to see you there.

Kit Wilkinson

Kit has two novels with Steeple Hill Books. You can learn more at her website .

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