40 Days of Prayer: Day 5

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Day 5

Topic: Travel Safety

Verse: Psalm 121:3b-4–He who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

Merciful Father, Almighty God,

You are so awesome. You are always awake, always watching over us, always alert to every tiny action we make, every syllable we speak, every thought that zips through our heads. Nothing we can do or even dream is outside of your domain. You know it all.

As we approach the ACFW conference, we ask for safety for all who travel. Please hold us in the palm of Your hand. Set a guard around us whether we travel by night or by day. Shield us from harm. You alone know what challenges we may face in coming to the conference or returning home afterward. But we pray that You will work mightily on our behalf for our protection as we seek to hone our craft and serve You with our work. Thank You for hearing our prayers and for caring so deeply for each of us. May Your name and the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, be praised and glorified. Amen.

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