40 Days of Prayer – Day 28 – Those Leading Late-Night Chats

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Day 28
Those leading Late Night Chats

Proverbs 2:6–For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Oh Lord of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding, we pray that You will equip those who are leading the Late Night Chats. May they focus on Your very nature for their pattern—relying on You for their words. Supply them with the precise insights needed to bless those attending. Give them spiritual discernment, so they can facilitate the discussions.

If any surprises surface, help them have the right words to say. May their time together be productive and fruitful. Allow these chats to meet the various needs of those in attendance: spiritual, emotional, social, practical. Create connections and relationships, bonded together through a commonality in You and a love for story. May mentors find new mentees, and newbies find mentors. Help the agents and editors provide helpful information and resources, so writers will have wisdom to know the next step to take in their own writing paths. Inspire novelists to know how to best write their book proposals to fit the needs presented in these panels, and to know which editors and agents are the best match for their projects.

We praise You for what You are already working out to make this time glorify You and further Your purpose in the lives of those who will be attending.

In Jesus’ name,


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