20 Ways Writers Spread Joy

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By Cynthia Herron

You’ve heard it a thousand times. The writing life is not for the fainthearted.

In addition to the actual writing, marketing, and everything else our craft entails, there’s an added dimension. Because our work is solitary in nature, sometimes, loneliness nips at our heels. Toss in a few life events and trials, and we have the perfect recipe for conflict—an element integral to great fiction.

The reality is it’s real life. Our lives. Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to talk about our hardships. Transparency is tough. It makes us uncomfortable.

The good thing?

When we experience heartache, we view others’ hardships through a fresh lens. We’re less inclined to nitpick. We listen better and love more. We’re considerate of the process and moved to pay it forward.

How can we ratchet up the good vibes even further?

Here are 20 ways writers spread joy:

  1. Joy-minded writers write something worthy. They take the high road. They uplift. Motivate. Inspire. Love.
  2. They comment, retweet, and share. They are intentional. They multiply fabulous thoughts!
  3. They mentor others in their journey. Fifteen minutes, one day, a week, a month, or longer.
  4. They lend an ear. And keep a confidence.
  5. Joy-minded writers encourage. They offer a kind word. A smile. A hug.
  6. They pay it forward. When someone extends a kindness their way, joyful writers keep the ball rolling!
  7. They are authentic. They respond in meaningful, unpretentious ways.
  8. They deliver a pep-talk. They accentuate the positive. They reboot a day gone south.
  9. They share knowledge. Joyful writers aren’t selfish. If they know something that will help, they happily bear glad tidings!
  10. Joy-minded writers toot others’ horns. They shine the spotlight on friends’ accomplishments and lavish praise accordingly.
  11. They show appreciation. They send encouraging e-mails, cards, and well-wishes. They sometimes even mail goodie packages!
  12. They solve a problem. They help without being asked. They “fix things” that are within their power to fix.
  13. They compliment (and complement). They find something good to say. They bring out the best without hidden agendas.
  14. Joy-minded writers brainstorm. They weed through the “noise” to help with solutions.
  15. They pray. They bear others up when the going gets tough.
  16. They follow through on promises. Their word is their bond. If they commit, they finish the task with a joyful mindset.
  17. They challenge. (In a good way.) They inspire others to rise to new heights.
  18. They join forces. They link to favorite websites and highlight other writers in their blogs.
  19. They generate excitement. They host guest bloggers, offer honest book reviews, giveaways, and influence free gratis.
  20. Joy-motivated writers stay the course. They persevere when inspiration wanes. And encourage others to do the same.

Today’s thoughts are dedicated to the many writers who spread the love—day in, day out, and expect nothing in return. I appreciate you and I know those you bless do, too!


How has someone shared joy with you?

What’s one thing that encourages you the most in your writing journey?

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Cynthia Herron writes Heartfelt, Homespun Fiction from the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Her Faith Restored, book # 3 in her award-winning Welcome to Ruby series, releases 1-5-22. “Cindy” loves to connect with friends at her online home. She also hangs out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Her work is represented by WordServe Literary.

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  1. Spreading joy’s the writer’s task,
    though some spread doom and gloom,
    and it’s these that you should ask
    to leave your reading-room,
    for the evil held within each day
    is enough unto itself;
    its celebration should not stay
    upon your mental shelf.
    Place, instead, what doth inspire,
    and what uplifts your dreams
    with a friendly warming fire
    that rosy-lights the oaken beams
    of your heart’s great dancing-hall
    and sounds terpsichorean call.

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