2024 Masterclass Series

Introducing ACFW’s Masterclass Series: A series of workshops geared to the multi-published author.

Publishing has never been easy, but there are so many choices today and different challenges for multi-published authors than even five years ago. One big advantage we have in ACFW is Community. Need to change genres? So have some of the rest of us and we’re happy to share what we did. Lost your publishing home and need to know what’s next? We have too. Are you indie and want to increase sales? We will talk about how to write a more compelling story.

With our new Masterclass (eligibility is a minimum of 5 published novels as an Indie QIP or traditionally published author) you’ll be part of a forum to discuss the hard things about publishing with other authors who understand and can offer help.

Masterclass will consist of 4 virtual classes. The first one will launch during the February virtual conference. There will be three more, one in April, one in June, and one in August.

Classes and Teachers:
February, 23, 2024 during ACFW’s Virtual Conference : The Power of Focused Revision by Karen Ball
April Date TBD: When Your Publisher Cancels Your Contract by Angela Hunt
June Date TBD: Breaking out of Midlist: Presenters to be determined
Aug Date TBD: Writing Multiple Genres or Switching Genres—Plans and Pitfalls – Panel with Robin Jones Gunn, Colleen Coble, Amy Clipston, Tamera Alexander

At the national conference in New Orleans (Sept 5-8, 2024) you’ll gather in small groups led by seasoned professionals like Donald Maass, Lisa Maass, Angela Hunt, and Robin Jones Gunn to discuss challenges face-to-face. There will be several classes restricted to Masterclass participants as well so there will be many opportunities to learn from people with answers to any dilemmas you are facing. All participants in Masterclass will receive a certificate on Thursday night at conference.

Space is limited. The cost is $250 with a $50 discount toward national conference. And just in case you decide you’d like to take the entire virtual conference in February (not just the Masterclass part) we will also give you a $25 discount for the virtual conference.

The Masterclass Series is for current ACFW members only.

Register here: ACFW Masterclass Series