What’s So Great About a Conference?

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What’s So Great About a Conference?

I’m doing quite well on my own, you say. And you may be completely right. But often writers believe they’re doing fine without the camaraderie, networking, instruction, and excitement of the conference because they haven’t experienced it. Or they’re published now, so they aren’t convinced there’s more to be gained by investing in attending the ACFW conference.

Consider these truisms:

  • You can’t know what you don’t know. Most of us attending the ACFW conference this year are aware that waiting for us at the conference is some bit of important knowledge, insight, or new tool for helping us tell our stories better, smarter, and more effectively. We attend year after year because we continue to collect valuable information we need for our writing careers, but we don’t know before we go what that nugget will be. Two publishers are asking for a new category in a proposal (for example), and I might have missed that if I’d decided not to attend?
  • Face-to-face is undeniably a relationship accelerant. Not only is that true as a general rule, but the Apostle Paul made it clear in 1 Corinthians 13:12 that on most issues, we see things as if “through a glass darkly.” His reference was to the incredible difference when we see Jesus face-to-face. Even though we know and follow Jesus, it’ll be on another whole level when we’re face-to-face with Him. Not as dramatically, of course, but it is true that the connections made at the conference, when we can see other authors and the industry personnel in person, relationships go deeper, grow stronger. Some agents even say they won’t represent someone they haven’t met.
  • Discovery can’t be predicted. Those who show up at the conference with an agenda in mind set themselves up for disappointment. But those who remain alert and mindful are often amazed by what they needed rather than what they thought they needed. It’s always like that when God’s at work.
  • Unexpected encounters of the holy kind abound in that atmosphere. Talk to any past attendee of an ACFW conference about their take-away from past conferences and you’ll find many who report it was the corporate worship that had the greatest impact, or the prayer room. Even hotel employees report that the atmosphere changes when ACFW shows up. We plan, prepare, and pray. God initiates and inspires.
  • It’s a family reunion that doesn’t feel complete without you.

Have you made your reservation for this year’s conference? The date will be here sooner than we can imagine. Do yourself a favor and invest in attending the 2019 ACFW conference. For all the reasons above and more, it will be worth it.

Your ACFW Conference Team

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  1. Indeed. Having been 3 times now I can vouch for how special the ACFW Conference is. If I didn’t live so far away (Australia) I would attend every year. Each of the 3 times I’ve attended I’ve experienced those holy moments that are mentioned above that I had no inkling would occur.

    The worship is very special and participating in the prayer ministry is also wonderful. The two times I’ve participated in the latter have been significant.

    I’m sure this year’s conference will be similarly special full of holy moments.

  2. I wish, oh Lord, I truly wish
    that I could be there to see y’all!
    To share the sign of the fish,
    and the triumph o’er the fall.
    I won’t be many miles away,
    but I’m left with a yearning
    that if I could but have a day…
    but my road has got no turning.
    I can’t get on an aeroplane,
    which is a true laugh-riot;
    cancer’s causing too much pain,
    and I used to be a pilot.
    My heart, though, will cleave the air,
    and a part of me will thus be there.

    San Antonio’s so close (I’m in New Mexico). But the logistics of getting there with multiple malignancies…sigh.

    And I’d hate for y’all to see me like this.

  3. Hi, I am Kathy M Storrie from Hamilton, Ohio. My passion is writing Christian Romance Fiction with a touch of the Supernatural. I’m thinking about finding a mentor to help me with my trilogy. Book One is already completed and published. I’m not able to come to the ACFW conferences but I’m sure I can learn a lot online. After I join ACFW how do I find a mentor? How does the mentoring work? What is the charge? Thank you for your help.

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