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By J.A. Marx

When I began writing my first novel, my daily routine started at 5a.m. at the computer. The pressure was on me to make my dream happen. Plots and characters absorbed my thoughts, and everything else obliged them. Isn’t that how best-selling novelists live?

As Christian authors, we have a holier calling: to not be conformed to the patterns of the world, Romans 12:2.

Over the past 15 years, the Lord gradually–and mercifully–steered me into a more surrendered way. I recently read Hosea 14, and the Spirit stopped me at verse 3 to remind me of the pit He’d saved me from. I personalized this verse.

“… I will not say to the work of my hands [my job, my books] ‘you are my gods.’ Because these things [idols] have no power to fulfill me.” If I believe I’m the one putting the bacon on the table, I’m deceived. God alone provides. I now start my day in His presence, worshiping, reading, praying. He amazingly bends the rest of the hours, granting me plenty of time to write.

After I read Hosea, the Spirit brought to mind John 15:5. Unless I adhere to the Lord in every area and passionately abide in Him, neither I nor my stories can do anything good. Nothing. Period.

Through God’s power and wisdom my stories can accomplish His will, even change lives. Since I write from my heart, my heart must be first pure, my mind steadfast, and my trust grounded in the Author of life. How much better will my stories be if I start by bringing each day under His authority?

The last part of Hosea 14:3 says, “… For in You, the orphan finds love, compassion and mercy.'” Wow. As I keep the Lord–not publishing books–as my center, would He transform my stories? Would readers who do not know the Heavenly Father then miraculously encounter His love and mercy?

I read the Bible, but do I write like I believe It? As vessels of God’s Holy Spirit, His authors possess a divine purpose. Our writing can have divine influence. In light of the currents-of-change hitting our culture, including the Church, this excites me.

Imagine this as the authors’ new norm:

Faith-based fiction bringing personal revival, healing broken hearts, setting captives free. Magnifying God. Excellent craftsmanship in every genre coming to life and taking the reading world by storm. Bringing spiritual revival across the nation. Books are again demanded, not pirated. God-authors are in high demand.

Imagine that … and know God’s imagination is bigger.

Do our books resemble those in the secular arena, or do our stories glow with the Fruit of the Spirit?

God says, “Be holy, for I AM holy” (1 Peter 1:16). Are my stories holy? Or am I aiming to fit in to create sales?

There is a way that seems right to [an author], but its end is the way of death (Proverbs 14:12). Are we yielding to the way of the world when the Bible says to renew your mind? The potential exists for extraordinary influence if we no longer align our thinking with the patterns of this world.

Since all things are possible with God, let’s make 2017 the year of Holy Spirit transformation and crafting fiction with hearts passionately abiding in the Author of Life.

JA MarxMulti-published author, J.A. Marx writes psychological suspense. She loves working with authors as president of her local ACFW chapter. When not writing, J.A. spends time with her children and grandchildren, volunteering at church, and painting. Visit her on her website or Amazon page.

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  1. J.A., I seldom leave comments on the ACFW blog, although I often enjoy it.

    But today, I was compelled to because this message is straight from the throne of God, in my opinion, and EXACTLY what He has been telling me and so many other authors!!

    You said: “Since I write from my heart, my heart must be first pure, my mind steadfast, and my trust grounded in the Author of life.”

    Oh my goodness, as an emotional writer, I pride myself on “writing from my heart,” so this hit me very hard, my friend — THANK YOU!!

    I am overjoyed at how God seems to be moving among His people and the caliber of fiction that will most assuredly rise along with it.

    God bless you and may He use you and the talent He’s given you abundantly, exceedingly more than you think, hope, and pray!


  2. This is the perfect blog post for a Christian writer to start 2017 with.

    Such a focus-shift, going from “selling myself” to “offering myself.”

    Thank you for penning this with such class and detail so we would get it.

    May our hearts burn with such offering to Adonai it overflows out our fingertips.

  3. Thank you, J.A., for your anointed post. The finger of God is upon it. I can tell that you have spent much time in the Lord’s Presence and that you know Him intimately.

    Blessings upon you as you write for King Jesus!

    MaryAnn Diorio

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