2022 Genesis Finalists

We are so excited to announce our 2022 Genesis Finalists! Thanks so much to those who entered our contest. If you don’t see your name listed below, please know we appreciated your entry to the Genesis Contest, and we hope you enter again next year! Winners will be announced during the Awards Gala at ACFW’s 2022 Conference. Please go here for more information.

Genesis Finalists

Kristine Delano
Shelli Littleton
Ruth Schmeckpeper
Natalie Arauco
Christine Boatwright
Anita Seavey
Historical Romance
Rhonda Dragomir
Christine J Hill
Erin Mifflin
Lindsy Arrowood
A.G. Larson
Erma Ullrey
Kimberly Burkhardt
Annette Griffin
Erin Mifflin
Lori DeJong
Mindy Graham
Caroline Powers
Romantic Suspense
Sandra Lee Fischer
Breana Johnson
Christina Rost
Short Novel
Steph Atkins
J. Greene Chapman
Lyndee Henderson
Tim Bolt
John Leatherman
Bonnie Wellensiek
Young Adult
Amy Bryant
Asheritah Ciuciu
Becky A. Little